package tezos-protocol-011-PtHangz2

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Module type
Class type

This module defines identifiers for two basic types of contracts. It also specifies how to compute originated contract's hash from origination nonce.

type t = private
  1. | Implicit of Tezos_crypto.Signature.public_key_hash
  2. | Originated of Contract_hash.t

A contract is simply an account on the blockchain ledger. There are two types of contracts:

  • implicit contracts represent accounts of users of the blockchain;
  • originated are special accounts with a Michelson script attached to them. Every time a transaction is sent to an originated account, its associated script is run in order to trigger some action in response.

An implicit account is identified by the hash of the public key which was used to create it. The owner of the corresponding private key is the holder of the account. An originated contract's hash is derived from its origination nonce (see below).

type contract = t
val (=) : contract -> contract -> bool
val (<>) : contract -> contract -> bool
val (<) : contract -> contract -> bool
val (<=) : contract -> contract -> bool
val (>=) : contract -> contract -> bool
val (>) : contract -> contract -> bool
val compare : contract -> contract -> int
val equal : contract -> contract -> bool
val max : contract -> contract -> contract
val min : contract -> contract -> contract
val public_key_hash_in_memory_size : Cache_memory_helpers.sint
val in_memory_size : t -> Cache_memory_helpers.sint

Implicit contracts

Originated contracts

type origination_nonce

Originated contracts handles are crafted from the hash of the operation that triggered their origination (and nothing else). As a single operation can trigger several originations, the corresponding handles are forged from a deterministic sequence of nonces, initialized with the hash of the operation.

val originated_contract : origination_nonce -> contract
val originated_contracts : since:origination_nonce -> until:origination_nonce -> contract list
val initial_origination_nonce : Tezos_crypto.Operation_hash.t -> origination_nonce
val incr_origination_nonce : origination_nonce -> origination_nonce
val is_originated : contract -> Contract_hash.t option

Human readable notation

type Tezos_protocol_environment_011_PtHangz2__Environment.Error_monad.error +=
  1. | Invalid_contract_notation of string
val to_b58check : contract -> string
val of_b58check : string -> (contract, Tezos_protocol_environment_011_PtHangz2__Environment.Error_monad.error Tezos_protocol_environment_011_PtHangz2__Environment.Error_monad.trace) result
val pp : Format.formatter -> contract -> unit
val pp_short : Format.formatter -> contract -> unit


val encoding : contract Data_encoding.t
val origination_nonce_encoding : origination_nonce Data_encoding.t
val rpc_arg : contract Tezos_protocol_environment_011_PtHangz2__Environment.RPC_arg.t
module Index : Storage_description.INDEX with type t = t

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