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Well Typed Router


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v3.0.0 [2021-10-20]

  • BREAKING CHANGE A splat operator ** now expects a last string paramter in the handler. The parameter holds the remaining url matched by the splat operator

  • BREAKING CHANGE create_decoder has been renamed to arg

  • BREAKING CHANGE create has been renamed to router

  • BREAKING CHANGE t type has been renamed to router

  • BREAKING CHANGE a decoder has been renamed to a arg

  • BREAKING CHANGE a uri has been renamed to a request_target

  • FIX Fix matching query components in request target

  • FIX Fix pretty printing of request_target

  • NEW Add path, query and uri combinators to create and manipulate path, query and uri values

  • NEW Add route, routes and pp_request_target functions

  • NEW Add rest type and function rest_to_string

  • CHANGE Refer splat as rest in the documentation.

v2.0.0 2021-08-02

  • Convert assert based tests to ppx_expect tests

  • Split mdx test from tests

  • BREAKING CHANGE ppx {%wtr| /home/about |} now produces a function expecting a handler rather than a uri. Demos and tests have been updated to reflect this change.

  • BREAKING CHANGE remove functions pp_uri and >-.

  • BREAKING CHANGE create function now mandates [route list list] to create a router. Hopefully this should not cause much breakage since the %wtr ppx produces this value.

  • NEW %wtr ppx now allows specifying HTTP methods along with the uri route. A new type meth has been added to represent all standard HTTP methods.

  • NEW Add Wtr.pp_route, Wtr.pp_method and Wtr.pp to pretty print a route, method and a router respectively.

v1.0.0 2021-05-11 UK

  • First release.