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Vg v0.9.5

Vg is a declarative 2D vector graphics library. Images are values that denote functions mapping points of the cartesian plane to colors and combinators are provided to define and compose them.

Renderers for PDF, SVG, the HTML canvas and Cairo are distributed with the library. An API allows to implement new renderers.


These manuals are available:

  • The tutorial is a conceptual overview of the library. It is recommended reading.
  • The semantics has the notations and definitions which give precise meaning to images and their combinators.
  • The image howto has minimal setup examples to render images.

Library vg

  • Vg Declarative 2D vector graphics.
  • Vgr_svg SVG renderer.

Libraries vg.{cairo,htmlc,pdf}

Each of these modules is in its own library as they entails more dependencies.

  • Vgr_cairo
  • Vgr_htmlc
  • Vgr_pdf PDF renderer.

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