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Declarative 2D vector graphics for OCaml


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v0.9.5 2024-01-23 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Add Vg.P.smooth_{ccurve,qcurve} to smoothly stitch cubic and quadratic Bézier curves. Thanks to François Thiré for the patch (#33).

  • Vgr_htmlc is now implemented via brr which becomes an optional dependency of the package. The package no longer depends on js_of_ocaml and js_of_ocaml-ppx at all.

  • Vgr_htmlc.screen_resolution is now a function taking unit. This allows the safe (but useless) linking of Vgr_htmlc in a web workers.

  • Fix Vgr_pdf glyph cut rendering. All glyphs id of the form 0xHH0D were rendered as id 0xHH0A. The text of the 2008 standard of the Tj operator (§9.4.3) misleads, PDF strings do perform newline normalisation (§ so 0D bytes also need to be escaped.

  • The Vgr_svg module is now part of the vg library. The vg.svg library is deprecated, it warns on usage and simply requires vg.

  • Reworked documentation into .mld pages.

  • Drop optional dependency on uutf and require OCaml 4.14.0.

  • Deprecate Vg.{Font,I,P}.to_string, they are not thread-safe.

v0.9.4 2020-05-28 La Forclaz (VS)

  • jsoo 3.6.0 support.

v0.9.3 2019-06-14 Zagreb

  • Fix 4.08 Pervasives' deprecation.

  • jsoo 3.3.0 support. Thanks to @monstasat for the patch.

v0.9.2 2018-11-02 Zagreb

  • Fix bug in cairo2 backend. The initial clip region and clear was not done correctly.

  • Require cairo2 0.6.

  • Require OCaml 4.03.

  • Deprecate Vg.(>>). Use OCaml's stdlib's |> operator instead.

v0.9.1 2017-12-20 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Fix a stackoverlow in the SVG renderer. Thanks to Guyslain Naves for the report.

v0.9.0 2015-11-25 Zagreb

  • Automated migration from camlp4 to ppx. Many thanks to the authors of camlp4-to-ppx.

  • Use standard library result type. This changes the dubious interface of Vgr_pdf.otf_font.

  • Support uutf v1.0.0 and otfm v0.3.0.

  • Build depend on topkg.

  • Relicense from BSD3 to ISC.

v0.8.2 2015-08-14 Cambridge (UK)

  • Add Vgr_cairo module. A Cairo backend contributed by Arthur Wendling.

  • -safe-string support. In the public API this only affects users of stored Manual rendering destination: Vg.Vgr.Manual.dst now takes a bytes value instead of a string.

v0.8.1 2014-08-23 Cambridge (UK)

  • Use package builder topkg for distribution.

  • Fix build and installation glitches. Thanks to Philippe Veber and Grégoire Lionnet for the reports.

  • Gg 0.9.0 compatibility.

  • Add Vgr_htmlc.screen_resolution value.

  • default value for resolution argument is now the screen resolution rather than 300ppi.

  • add a resize optional argument. When set to false the canvas size is kept intact and doesn't resize according to renderable sizes.

v0.8.0 2013-09-24 Lausanne

First release. Sponsored by Citrix Systems R&D and OCaml Labs.