package tezos-stdlib-unix

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Simple abstraction over Unix lockfiles

val try_with_lock : when_locked:(unit -> 'a Tezos_error_monad.Error_monad.tzresult Lwt.t) -> filename:string -> (unit -> 'a Tezos_error_monad.Error_monad.tzresult Lwt.t) -> 'a Tezos_error_monad.Error_monad.tzresult Lwt.t

try_with_lock ?close_on_exec ?unlink_on_exit ~when_locked ~filename f tries to take a lock on file filename and calls f if the lock was successfully taken. If the lock was previously taken, when_locked is called instead and f is ignored.

This function may fail with an I/O exception wrapped in the error monad if something unexpected happened.