package tezos-dal-node-lib

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type block_info

block_info ?chain ?block ~metadata ctxt returns the information of the block in ctxt for the given chain. Block's metadata are included or skipped depending on the value of metadata. This is a wrapper on top of

get_committee ctxt ~level retrieves the DAL committee at level from L1 as a map that associates to the public key hash pkh of the member of the committee an interval (s,n), meaning that the slots s;s+1;...;s+n-1 belong to pkh

val attested_slot_headers : block_info -> number_of_slots:int -> slot_index list Tezos_base.TzPervasives.tzresult

attested_slot_headers block_info number_of_slots reads the metadata of the given block_info and constructs the list of attested slots headers.

The value of number_of_slots indicates the current maximum number of slots on DAL per level.

Fails with Cannot_read_block_metadata if block_info's metadata are stripped.