package svmwrap

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Wrapper on top of libsvm-tools







Svmwrap can be used to train/test regressors using libsvm-tools.

(Scary) usage: usage: svmwrap -i : training set or DB to screen --feats : number of features [-o ]: predictions output file [-np ]: ncores [--kernel ] choose kernel type {Lin|RBF|Sig|Pol} [-c ]: fix C [-e ]: epsilon in the loss function of epsilon-SVR; (0 <= epsilon <= max_i(|y_i|)) [--nlopt ]: use NLopt with MAX_ITER (global optim.) instead of grid-search (recommended: MAX_ITER >= 100) [-g ]: fix gamma (for RBF and Sig kernels) [-r ]: fix r for the Sig kernel [--iwn]: turn ON instance-wise-normalization [--scale]: turn ON [0:1] scaling (NOT PRODUCTION READY) [--no-plot]: no gnuplot [{-n|--NxCV} ]: folds of cross validation [-q]: quiet [-v|--verbose]: equivalent to not specifying -q [--seed ]: fix random seed [-p ]: training set portion (in [0.0:1.0]) [--pairs]: read from .AP files (atom pairs; will offset feat. indexes by 1) [--train <train.liblin>]: training set (overrides -p) [--valid <valid.liblin>]: validation set (overrides -p) [--test <test.liblin>]: test set (overrides -p) [{-l|--load} ]: prod. mode; use trained models [{-s|--save} ]: train. mode; save trained models [-f]: force overwriting existing model file [--scan-c]: scan for best C [--scan-e ]: epsilon scan #steps for SVR [--scan-g]: scan for best gamma [--regr]: regression (SVR); also, implied by -e and --scan-e [--e-range ::]: specific range for e (semantic=start:nsteps:stop) [--c-range <float,float,...>] explicit scan range for C (example='0.01,0.02,0.03') [--g-range <float,float,...>] explicit range for gamma (example='0.01,0.02,0.03') [--scan-k]: scan number of bags [--k-range <int,int,...>] explicit scan range for k (example='1,2,3,5,10') [-k ]: explicit value for k [--r-range <float,float,...>] explicit range for r (example='0.01,0.02,0.03')

Published: 14 Feb 2023

Dependencies (13)

  1. ocaml >= "5.0.0"
  2. dokeysto
  3. nlopt
  4. line_oriented >= "1.2.0"
  5. parany >= "11.0.0"
  6. molenc >= "16.0.0"
  7. minicli >= "5.0.0"
  8. dune >= "2.9"
  9. dolog >= "6.0.0"
  10. cpm >= "11.0.0"
  11. conf-libsvm-tools
  12. batteries
  13. base-unix

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