package stdune

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Non-fatal user errors

Warnings are user errors that cannot be proper errors for backward compatibility reasons

val emit : ?loc:Stdune__.Loc0.t -> ?hints:User_message.Style.t Pp.t list -> ?is_error:bool -> User_message.Style.t Pp.t list -> unit

Emit a user warning. The arguments are interpreted in a similar fashion to User_error.raise except that the first paragraph is prefixed with "Warning: " rather than "Error: ".

If is_error is true, then this function behaves exactly the same as User_error.raise.

val emit_message : User_message.t -> unit

emit_message m is like emit, but allow you to provide the message as m instead of the arguments to construct the messagee.

val set_reporter : (User_message.t -> unit) -> unit

Set the warning reporter. The default one is User_message.prerr.