package stdune

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Module type
Class type

A message for the user

User messages are styled document that can be printed to the console or in the log file.

module Style : sig ... end

Symbolic styles that can be used inside messages. These styles are later converted to actual concrete styles depending on the output device. For instance, when printed to the terminal they are converted to ansi terminal styles (Ansi_color.Style.t list values).

module Annots : sig ... end
type t = {
  1. loc : Stdune__.Loc0.t option;
  2. paragraphs : Style.t Pp.t list;
  3. hints : Style.t Pp.t list;
  4. annots : Annots.t;

A user message.contents composed of an optional file location and a list of paragraphs.

The various paragraphs will be printed one after the other and will all start at the beginning of a line. They are all wrapped inside a

When hints are provided, they are printed as last paragraphs and prefixed with "Hint:". Hints should give indication to the user for how to fix the issue.

The annots field is intended to carry extra context for other, non-user-facing purposes (such as data for the RPC).

val compare : t -> t -> Ordering.t
val equal : t -> t -> bool
val pp : t -> Style.t Pp.t
module Print_config : sig ... end
val make : ?loc:Stdune__.Loc0.t -> ?prefix:Style.t Pp.t -> ?hints:Style.t Pp.t list -> ?annots:Annots.t -> Style.t Pp.t list -> t

Construct a user message from a list of paragraphs.

The first paragraph is prefixed with prefix inside the box. prefix should not end with a space as a space is automatically inserted by make if necessary.

val print : ?config:Print_config.t -> t -> unit

Print to stdout (not thread safe)

val prerr : ?config:Print_config.t -> t -> unit

Print to stderr (not thread safe)

val did_you_mean : string -> candidates:string list -> Style.t Pp.t list

Produces a "Did you mean ...?" hint

val to_string : t -> string

Produces a plain text representation of the error message, without the "Error: " prefix.

val has_location : t -> bool

Returns true if the message has an explicit location or one embedded in the text.

val has_embedded_location : t -> bool

Returns true if the message's annotations contains Annot.Has_embedded_location.

val needs_stack_trace : t -> bool

Returns true if the message's annotations contains Annot.Needs_stack_trace.

val command : string -> Style.t Pp.t

Formatting of shell commands