package stdune

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Error meant for humans

exception E of User_message.t

User errors are errors that users need to fix themselves in order to make progress. Since these errors are read by users, they should be simple to understand for people who are not familiar with the dune codebase.

val raise : ?loc:Stdune__.Loc0.t -> ?hints:User_message.Style.t Pp.t list -> ?annots:User_message.Annots.t -> User_message.Style.t Pp.t list -> _

Raise a user error. The arguments are interpreted in the same way as User_message.make. The first paragraph is prefixed with "Error:".

val make : ?loc:Stdune__.Loc0.t -> ?hints:User_message.Style.t Pp.t list -> ?annots:User_message.Annots.t -> User_message.Style.t Pp.t list -> User_message.t

Create a user error.

The "Error:" prefix

val ok_exn : ('a, User_message.t) result -> 'a

Helper to raise a user error from a result type.

  • ok_exn (Ok x) is x
  • ok_exn (Error msg) is Stdlib.raise (E msg)