package sqlexpr

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Sqlexpr access to SQLite databases.

exception Error of string * exn

All the exceptions raised by the code in Sqlexpr_sqlite are wrapped in Error except when indicated otherwise.

exception Sqlite_error of string * Sqlite3.Rc.t

Errors reported by SQLite are converted into Sqlite_error _ exceptions, so they can be matched with try ... with Sqlexpr.Error (_, Sqlexpr.sqlite_error _)

module type S = sig ... end
type single_worker_db

db type shared by single-worker ("identity pool") S implementations.

module Make (M : Sqlexpr_concurrency.THREAD with type 'a key = 'a Lwt.key) : sig ... end
module type POOL = sig ... end
module Make_gen (M : Sqlexpr_concurrency.THREAD) (P : POOL with type 'a result = 'a M.t) : S with type 'a result = 'a M.t

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