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Concurrency monad.

module type THREAD_LOCAL_STATE = sig ... end

Thread local state.

module type THREAD = sig ... end

The THREAD monad.

module Id : THREAD with type 'a t = 'a and type 'a key = 'a Lwt.key

Identity concurrency monad. Note that Id.mutex is a dummy type that * doesn't actually work like a mutex (i.e., Id.with_lock m f is equivalent * to f (). This is so because in ocaml-sqlexpr's context Sqlite handles * can only be used from the thread where they were created, so there's no * need for mutual exclusion because trying to use the same handle from * different threads would be an error anyway.

module Lwt : THREAD with type 'a t = 'a Lwt.t and type 'a key = 'a Lwt.key

Lwt concurrency monad.