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Utilities for precision-recall curves


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This library provides functions to compute precision-recall curves, as well as several methods to compute their AUC (area under curve)


prc library

prc implements a few functions to compute Precision-Recall curves, and their AUC (area under curve). The implementation is checked against scikit-learn.


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Precision-Recall curves are a useful representation of the performance of binary classification methods in the case there are many negative items. Problem is they are difficult to estimate from a finite sample. As an illustration, compare the following graph obtained in a particular case where the true precision-recall curve can be computed analytically (so-called binormal model):

The red curve shows the "true" precision-recall curve while the grey ones are the empirical estimated obtained from samples of size 1000. We see that there is a lot of variability, particularly in the low-recall region.

As a consequence, displaying a precision-recall curve can be misleading, and it is safer to report an estimate of its area under curve (AUC) along with a confidence interval. This is what this library provides.

Quick test

Demo code is available in the demo directory. To run it, simply launch an interpreter via a dune utop demo command, and then call functions in Prc_demo. For instance to get an overview of the sampling distribution of several estimators under the binormal model, just type:

# Prc_demo.estimator_sampling_distribution ~sample_size:1000 ();;
``` This yields:


where each boxplot represents the distribution of an estimator
(resp. binormal, trapezoidal and average precision) for a binormal
model when drawing finite samples of size 1000.

Dependencies (4)

  1. ppx_jane
  2. gsl
  3. dune >= "2.4"
  4. core_kernel >= "v0.12.0"

Dev Dependencies (3)

  1. sklearn with-test
  2. ppx_deriving with-test
  3. alcotest with-test

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  1. ocaml-r < "0.5.0"

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