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An OpenAPI 3 to OCaml client generator.


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An OpenAPI 3 to OCaml client generator.

Published: 26 May 2024


"OpenAPI Generator"

This is a command line tool that allows you to generate OCaml code for and inspect OpenAPI specifications.


The generator makes a number of assumptions that, if held true, should result in functional generated code, even if it's not ideal (e.x. types may be Jsonaf.t instead of a reasonable typed OCaml type in all cases).

  1. The request / response formats are JSON. (Currently XML, and even plain text are not supported.)

  2. The spec is OpenAPI V3.0.3. Some V3.0.0 specs may work. A V3.1.0 spec is less likely to work because OpenAPI doesn't follow SemVer, but may also work. A V2.X.X spec will almost definitely not work.

  3. (I think that's it? If you discover a new and fun failure mode you should document it here.)

Generating Code

If your spec is in YAML, just convert it to JSON first before putting it in this tool.

$ openapi.exe generate -name example_generated -out $CODE_OUTPUT_PATH -spec $SPEC_JSON

The generated code requires you to pass in a Openapi_runtime.Client.t, which can be created with any arbitrary backend (Httpaf, Cohttp, etc.).

Inspecting Routes

$ openapi.exe inspect paths -spec $SPEC_JSON
GET: Obtain foobar
POST: Create foobar

GET: Fetch baz
DELETE: Delete baz

POST: Import baz

Inspecting Inferred Types

It's probably easier to just generate the OCaml code and look at the types that way, but this gives you a summary of some internal state of the type inference engine, which may be useful for debugging.

$ openapi.exe inspect types -spec $SPEC_JSON
((name Foo_request) (structure (Record ((id 0))))
 (variant_name ()))
((name Bar_submit) (structure (Record ((id 3) (baz_count 4))))
 (variant_name ()))
((name Error)
 (structure (Record ((message 7) (id 8))))
 (variant_name ()))

Dependencies (13)

  1. uri >= "3.0.0"
  2. ocaml-embed-file >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  3. jingoo >= "1.4.4" & < "1.5.0"
  4. httpaf >= "0.7.1"
  5. dune >= "3.11.0"
  6. ppx_jsonaf_conv >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  7. ppx_jane >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  8. jsonaf >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  9. core_unix >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  10. core_kernel >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  11. core >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  12. async >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  13. ocaml >= "5.1.0"

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