Pure Ocaml implementation of the D-Bus protocol
Library obus.upower
type data = {
data_is_userspace : bool;(*

If the wakeup is from userspace ?

data_id : int;(*

The process ID of the application, or the IRQ for kernel drivers.

data_value : float;(*

The number of wakeups per second.

data_cmdline : string option;(*

The command line for the application, or None for kernel drivers.

data_details : string;(*

The details about the wakeup.


The data of all the processes and drivers which contribute to the wakeups on the system.

val get_data : UPower.t -> data list Lwt.t
val get_total : UPower.t -> int Lwt.t
val data_changed : UPower.t -> unit OBus_signal.t
val total_changed : UPower.t -> int OBus_signal.t
val has_capability : UPower.t -> bool OBus_property.r