Pure Ocaml implementation of the D-Bus protocol
Library obus
Module OBus_context

A context contains information about the reception of a message.

type t

Type of a context.

val make : connection:OBus_connection.t -> message:OBus_message.t -> t

Creates a context from the given connection and message

val get : unit -> t

In a method call handler, this returns the context of the method call.

val key : t Lwt.key

The key used for storing the context.

val connection : t -> OBus_connection.t

Returns the connection part of a context

val sender : t -> OBus_peer.t

sender context returns the peer who sends the message

val destination : t -> OBus_peer.t

destinatino context returns the peer to which the message was sent

val flags : t -> OBus_message.flags

flags context returns the flags of the message that was received

val serial : t -> OBus_message.serial

Returns the serial of the message