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Mec - Mini Elliptic Curve library


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Published: 01 Jul 2022


Mec - Mini Elliptic Curve library


Mec provides elliptic curve and finite field based cryptographic primitives and protocols.

The library characteristics are:

  • written purely in OCaml. No C or assembly code

  • implementations are modular, focusing on parameters readability for the different primitive instantiations

  • can be used to generate test vectors

  • can be used to create new primitive instantiations

  • can be compiled in JavaScript to be run in web-browsers, if the performance is not important

  • provides tools to generate secure parameters, like for Poseidon hash function

  • can be used to prototype primitives or protocols

Do not use this library if:

  • performance is important. Mec is not meant to be efficient, and maybe will never be.

  • you want to compare the performance between different cryptographic primitives. As performance is not important in the implementation, it won't make sense to compare.

Here some suggestions of libraries you can use to get better performances:

  • ocaml-bls12-381 provides the instance BLS12-381 and also Poseidon128 as implemented here

  • hacl-star provides different elliptic curves.


  • curve (Mec.Curve) focuses on implementing elliptic curves like Pallas, Vesta, Secp256k1, Secp256r1, Ed26619, etc. Computations can happen in different types of coordinates: affine, projective, jacobian, etc and conversions are provided.

  • hash (Mec.Hash) focuses on implementing EC or field based hash functions like Poseidon, Sinsemilla, Pedersen. We tend to add instances found in projects like Dusk, Zcash and others.

  • signature (Mec.Signature) focuses on implementing EC or field signature schemes.

  • protocols (Mec.Protocols) implements different protocols using the cryptographic primitives. At the moment, this section is poor.

Install and use

There is no plan to release a version of Mec right now as it is not meant to be used in production. There will maybe be releases from time to time. If not, it is recommended to pin to a certain commit, or master.

opam pin add git+\#master --no-action
opam install

To use in your project, simply add mec in your dependencies.

Dependencies (9)

  1. alcotest
  2. ff >= "0.6.0"
  3. ff-sig >= "0.6.0"
  4. hex >= "1.3.0"
  5. bigarray-compat
  6. eqaf
  7. zarith >= "1.9.1" & < "2.0.0"
  8. dune >= "2.7"
  9. ocaml >= "4.12"

Dev Dependencies (2)

  1. bisect_ppx with-test & >= "2.5"
  2. odoc with-doc

Used by (1)

  1. tezos-plompiler




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