an implementation of the ldap wire protocol

val encode_resultcode : Ldap_types.ldap_resultcode -> int

return the int asociated with the specified result code

val decode_resultcode : int -> Ldap_types.ldap_resultcode

return the result code for the specified int, error codes which do not map to a code defined within the standard (or any of our own internal ones) will be represented as (`UNKNOWN_ERROR of int), where int is the unknown error code.

val encode_ldapmessage : Ldap_types.ldap_message -> string

encode a value of type ldap_message using lber and return a string which is ready to be put on the wire

val decode_ldapmessage : Lber.readbyte -> Ldap_types.ldap_message

decode an ldap_message from the wire, and build/return a structure of type ldap_message