this object represents a remote object within local memory. It records all local changes made to it (if it's changetype is set to `MODIFY), and can commit them to the server at a later time via Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon.update_entry.

method add : op_lst -> unit

add values to an attribute (or create a new attribute). Does not change the server until you update

method attributes : string list

return a list of the type (name) of all the attributes present on the object

method changes : (Ldap_types.modify_optype * string * string list) list

return a list of changes made to the object in a the format of a modify operation. For example, you can apply the changes to another ldapentry object using the Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry.modify method

method changetype : changetype

return the changetype of the object

method delete : op_lst -> unit

delete attributes from the object, does not change the directory until you update

method dn : string

return the dn of the object

method diff : ldapentry_t -> (Ldap_types.modify_optype * string * string list) list

given an ldapentry, return the differences between the current entry and the specified entry in the form of a modify operation which would make the specified entry the same as the current entry.

method exists : string -> bool

query whether the attribute type (name) exists in the object

method flush_changes : unit

clear all accumulated changes

method get_value : string -> string list

get the value of an attribute

  • raises Not_found

    If the attribute does not exist.

method modify : (Ldap_types.modify_optype * string * string list) list -> unit

Apply modifications to object in memory, does not change the database until you update using Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon.update_entry

method print : unit
  • deprecated

    print an ldif like representation of the object to stdout, see Ldif_oo for standards compliant ldif. Usefull for toplevel sessions.

method replace : op_lst -> unit

replace values in the object, does not change the database until you call update

method set_changetype : changetype -> unit

set the changetype of the object

method set_dn : string -> unit

set the dn of the object