package jsonxt

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Jsonxt - JSON parsers for files, strings and more







Jsonxt provides a number of JSON parsers and writers for RFC 8259 compliant JSON as well as non-standard extensions introduced by Yojson. Features include

  • RFC 8259 compliant when in strict and basic mode
  • Performance focused especially for files and strings
  • Support for standard and extended JSON tree types:
    • Strict follows a strict interpretation of RFC 8259 with all numbers represented as floats.
    • Basic extends the strict type to include convenience types while maintaining RFC compliance. This is compatible with yojson's Basic type
    • Extended adds additional non-standard types including tuples and variants and is not RFC compliant. This is compatible with yojson's Safe type
  • A number of different parsers including
    • A standard JSON tree parser for various sources including string, file and channel
    • A Stream parser that returns a stream of raw JSON tokens.
    • A monad based parser compatible with async
  • Writers including
    • File and string writers
    • A monad based writer that is compatible with async
    • A stream writer that converts a stream of JSON tokens
  • Support for streaming JSON via Stream.t
  • Standard interfaces including Yojson compatibility

Published: 04 Jun 2021

Dependencies (2)

  1. dune >= "2.0"
  2. ocaml >= "4.03.0" & < "5.0"

Dev Dependencies (5)

  1. ppx_sexp_conv with-test
  2. fmt with-test
  3. core_kernel with-test
  4. cmdliner with-test
  5. alcotest with-test

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