Jsonxt - JSON parsers for files, strings and more
Module Jsonxt . Yojson

JSON compatibility differences

The underlying parser used by the Yojson compatibility modules are RFC 8259 compliant except for specific extensions. In particular:

  • Control characters must be escaped as defined by RFC 8259
  • Comment are supported with /* */ and // at the end of the line
  • Variants and tuples are supported but with syntax changes noted later
  • Object keys must be quoted. So {ab:10} is not valid and must be encoded as {"ab":10}
  • Variant names must be quoted. eg. <"ab"> and <"ab":10>

Behavioural differences

  • The lexer_state data structure is used to report errors but not updated during the parsing of the input
  • The optional buf parameter is ignored
  • Error messages are likely to be different
  • The utils module module uses the Failure exception rather than Yojson's specialist exceptions
exception Json_error of string
type lexer_state = {
buf : Buffer.t;
mutable lnum : int;
mutable bol : int;
mutable fname : string option;
val init_lexer : ?buf:Buffer.t -> ?fname:string -> ?lnum:int -> unit -> lexer_state
module Basic : sig ... end
module Safe : sig ... end
module Raw : sig ... end