Jsonxt - JSON parsers for files, strings and more
Module Jsonxt . Json . Basic
type json = [
| `Null
| `Bool of bool
| `Int of int
| `Float of float
| `String of string
| `Assoc of (string * json) list
| `List of json list

The following polymorphic variants supported

  • `Null: JSON null
  • `Bool of bool: JSON boolean
  • `Int of int: JSON number without decimal point or exponent.
  • `Float of float: JSON number. Infinity, NaN etc are not supported
  • `String of string: JSON string. Bytes in the range 128-255 are preserved when reading and writing.
  • `Assoc of (string * json) list: JSON object.
  • `List of json list: JSON array.
type t = json