Irmin backend which stores values in a pack file
Module type Irmin_pack . S . Specifics
type repo
type commit
val integrity_check : ?ppf:Format.formatter -> auto_repair:bool -> repo -> ( [> `Fixed of int | `No_error ], [> `Cannot_fix of string | `Corrupted of int ] ) result

Checks the integrity of the repository. if auto_repair is true, will also try to fix the issues. ppf is a formatter for progressive reporting. `Fixed and `Corrupted report the number of fixed/corrupted entries.

val reload : repo -> unit

reload t reloads a readonly pack with the files on disk. Raises invalid_argument if called by a read-write pack.

val flush : repo -> unit

flush t flush read-write pack on disk. Raises RO_Not_Allowed if called by a readonly instance.