Irmin backend which stores values in a pack file
Module type
Class type
Library irmin-pack
type t = value_length:int -> Pack_value.Kind.t -> bool

The type of configurations for irmin-pack's indexing strategy, which dictates whether or not newly-appended pack entries should also be added to the index. Strategies are parameterised over:

  • the length of the binary encoding of the object inside the pack entry (i.e. not accounting for the encoded hash and kind character);
  • the kind of the pack object having been added.

Indexing more than the minimal strategy only impacts performance and not correctness: more indexing results in a larger index and a smaller pack file.

val always : t

The strategy that indexes all objects.

val minimal : t

The strategy that indexes as few objects as possible while still maintaing store integrity.

val minimal_with_contents : t

The strategy that is similar to the minimal strategy but it also indexes contents objects.

val default : t

default is the indexing strategy used by irmin-pack instances that do not explicitly set an indexing strategy in Irmin_pack.config. Currently set to always.