module Data : sig ... end
module Display_rules : sig ... end

A Display_rules.t is an ordered list of rules that specifies the order of ports and the formatting of signals in a waveform.

module Draw : sig ... end
module Import : sig ... end
module Port : sig ... end

Simulation port description.

module Port_name : sig ... end

An abstract type for port-name strings.

module Render : sig ... end
module Sim : sig ... end
module Wave : sig ... end
module Wave_format : sig ... end

Display format for a single wave (a row in the complete waveform).

module Waveform : sig ... end

A waveform is a mutable value that represents the outcome of a simulation; it holds a time series of values for a number of ports. The waveform is updated by running the simulation.

module Waves : sig ... end
module Write : sig ... end