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Bindings to libgccjit, the GCC JIT compiler


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libgccjit is an embeddable shared library being included in GCC for adding compilation to existing programs using GCC as the backend. This package organizes the API of gccjit into a few types and their corresponding modules.


gcc jit gccjit

Published: 26 Jan 2024



ocaml-gccjit is a OCaml library that provides bidings for libgccjit. libgccjit is an embeddable shared library available since GCC 5 for adding compilation to existing programs using GCC as the backend.

For example, consider this C function:

int square (int i)
  return i * i;

We can construct this function at runtime using libgccjit, as follows:

open Gccjit

let square =
  let ctx = Context.create () in

  (* Create parameter "i" *)
  let param_i = Param.create ctx Type.(get ctx Int) "i" in

  (* Create the function *)
  let fn = Function.create ctx Function.Exported Type.(get ctx Int) "square" [ param_i ] in

  (* Create a basic block within the function *)
  let block = Block.create ~name:"entry" fn in

  (* This basic block is relatively simple *)
  let expr = RValue.binary_op ctx Mult Type.(get ctx Int) (RValue.param param_i) (RValue.param param_i) in
  Block.return block expr;

  (* Having populated the context, compile it *)
  let jit_result = Context.compile ctx in

  (* Look up a specific machine code routine within the gccjit.Result, in this
     case, the function we created above: *)
  Result.code jit_result "square" Ctypes.(int @-> returning int)

We can now call the function by doing simply

(* Now try running the code *)
Printf.printf "square(5) = %d\n%!" (square 5)


Either opam install gccjit or:

opam pin add gccjit git://

Installing the package should also install the libgccjit library. If that is unsuccessful, install libgccjit manually so that it is found by the C compiler using the -lgccjit flag.



Nicolas Ojeda Bar: Lukasz Stafiniak:

Dependencies (6)

  1. conf-libgccjit
  2. ctypes-foreign
  3. ctypes >= "0.14.0"
  4. base-unix
  5. dune >= "3.11"
  6. ocaml >= "4.08.0"

Dev Dependencies (2)

  1. odoc with-doc
  2. ppx_expect with-test & >= "v0.9.0"

Used by (1)

  1. arrayjit

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