package functoria

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Representation of opam packages.

type scope = [
  1. | `Switch
  2. | `Monorepo

The scope of package installation:

  • Switch: installed with opam.
  • Monorepo: locally fetched along unikernel sources.
type t

The type for opam packages.

val v : ?scope:scope -> ?build:bool -> ?sublibs:string list -> ?libs:string list -> ?min:string -> ?max:string -> ?pin:string -> ?pin_version:string -> string -> t

v ~scope ~build ~sublibs ~libs ~min ~max ~pin opam is a package. Build indicates a build-time dependency only, defaults to false. The library name is by default the same as opam, you can specify ~sublibs to add additional sublibraries (e.g. ~sublibs:["mirage"] "foo" will result in the library names ["foo"; "foo.mirage"]. In case the library name is disjoint (or empty), use ~libs. Specifying both ~libs and ~sublibs leads to an invalid argument. Version constraints are given as min (inclusive) and max (exclusive). If pin is provided, a pin-depends is generated, pin_version is "dev" by default. ~scope specifies the installation location of the package.

val with_scope : scope:scope -> t -> t

with_scope t returns t with chosen installation location.

val name : t -> string

name t is t's opam name.

val key : t -> string

key t is t's key (concatenation of name and installation scope).

val scope : t -> scope

scope t is t's installation scope.

val pin : t -> (string * string) option

pin t is Some (name_version, r) iff t is pinned to the repository r.

val build_dependency : t -> bool

build_dependency t is true iff t is a build-time dependency.

val libraries : t -> string list

libraries t is the set of libraries (and sub-libraries) used in the package t. For most packages, it will only contain one library whose name is name t.

val max_versions : t -> string list

max_versions is the set of maximum versions of t which are required.

val min_versions : t -> string list

min_versions is the set minimum versions of t which are required.

val merge : t -> t -> t option

merge x y is merges the information of x and y. The result is None if name x != name y.

val pp : ?surround:string -> t Fmt.t

pp is the pretty-printer for packages.