package functoria

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type 'a t

The type for values representing module implementations of type 'a.

type abstract

The type for untyped t.

type 'a device = ('a, abstract) Device.t

The type for device whose dependencies have type abstract.

val abstract : 'a t -> abstract

abstract i is i with its type erased.

val app_has_no_arguments : 'a t -> bool

app_has_no_arguments i is true if the argument list is empty and it is an application, false otherwise.

val pp : 'a t Fmt.t

pp is the pretty-printer for module implementations.

val pp_abstract : abstract Fmt.t

pp_abstract is the pretty-printer for abstract module implementations.

val pp_dot : abstract Fmt.t

pp_dot outputs the dot representation of module implementations.

val ($) : ('a -> 'b) t -> 'a t -> 'b t

m $ a applies the functor m to the module a.

val if_ : bool Key.value -> 'a t -> 'a t -> 'a t

if_t v t1 t2 is t1 if v is resolved to true and t2 otherwise.

val match_ : 'b Key.value -> default:'a t -> ('b * 'a t) list -> 'a t

match_t v cases ~default chooses the tementation amongst cases by matching the v's value. default is chosen if no value matches.

val of_device : 'a device -> 'a t

of_device t is the tementation device t.

val v : ?packages:Package.t list -> ?packages_v:Package.t list Key.value -> ?keys:Key.t list -> ?extra_deps:abstract list -> ?connect:(Info.t -> string -> string list -> string) -> ?dune:(Info.t -> Dune.stanza list) -> ?configure:(Info.t -> unit Action.t) -> ?files:(Info.t -> Fpath.t list) -> string -> 'a Type.t -> 'a t

v ... is of_device @@ Device.v ...

val main : ?packages:Package.t list -> ?packages_v:Package.t list Key.value -> ?keys:Key.t list -> ?extra_deps:abstract list -> string -> 'a Type.t -> 'a t

main ... name ty is v ... ~connect name ty where connect is <name>.start <args>

module Tbl : Hashtbl.S with type key = abstract

Hashtbl of implementations.


type 'b f_dev = {
  1. f : 'a. 'a device -> 'b;

The type for iterators on devices.

val with_left_most_device : Key.context -> _ t -> 'a f_dev -> 'a

with_left_most_device ctx t f applies f on the left-most device in f. If node are resolved using ctx.

val simplify : full:bool -> context:Key.context -> abstract -> abstract

simplify ~full ~context impl simplifies the implementation impl according to keys present in the context.

If full is true, then the default values of keys are used in their absence. Otherwise, absent keys are left un-simplified.

val eval : context:Key.context -> abstract -> Device.Graph.t

eval ~context impl fully evaluates the implementation impl according to keys present in the context. It returns a graph composed only of devices.


type label =
  1. | If : _ Key.value -> label
  2. | Dev : (_, _) Device.t -> label
  3. | App

The description of a vertex

val collect : (module Functoria__.Misc.Monoid with type t = 'ty) -> (label -> 'ty) -> abstract -> 'ty

collect (module M) f g collects the content of f v for each vertex v in g.