package electrod

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Tuples of atoms.

type t

invariant: atoms <> empty

val of_list1 : Atom.t list -> t

Builds a tuple out of a non-empty list of atoms.

val tuple1 : Atom.t -> t

Builds a 1-tuple out of an atom.

val arity : t -> int

Returns the arity of the tuple.

val (@@@) : t -> t -> t

t1 @@@ t2 yields the concatenation of t1 followed by t2 (useful to compute the flat product of bounds/tuple sets).

val concat : t list -> t

Concatenation of a list of tuples. Fails if the list is empty.

val compare : t -> t -> int
val equal : t -> t -> bool
val hash : t -> int
val transpose : t -> t

Transposes a pair.

val ith : int -> t -> Atom.t

i-th element of a tuple.

val is_in_join : t -> t -> t -> bool

is_in_join tuple t1 t2 says whether tuple is the concatenation of t1 (minus the last column) and t2 (minus the ifrst column).

val join : t -> t -> t

Joins two tuples (getting rid of the last and first columns (resp.))

val split : t -> int -> t * t

split t lg splits a tuple into two, the first being of length lg.

val all_different : t -> bool

all_different t tells whether all atoms in a tuple are different.

val rename : (Atom.t, Atom.t) Containers.List.Assoc.t -> t -> t
val to_1tuples : t -> t list

to_1tuples t splits a tuple into as many 1-tuples at its length.

val to_ntuples : int -> t -> t list

to_ntuples n t splits a tuple into n-tuples (length must be a multiple of n).

val to_list : t -> Atom.t list

to_list t produces a list of atoms.

include Intf.Print.S with type t := t
val pp : t Fmtc.t
val to_string : t -> string
module Set : CCSet.S with type elt = t