package electrod

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Type for sets of tuples.

type t

Set of tuples. Invariant: all tuples in the tuple set have the same arity

val empty : t

The empty tuple set.

val singleton : Tuple.t -> t
val add : Tuple.t -> t -> t
val of_tuples : Tuple.t list -> t

Requires: tuples is a nonempty list for tuples of the same arity.

val inferred_arity : t -> int

Arity of a tuple set. 0 if the set is empty, n > 0 otherwise.

val is_empty : t -> bool

Tells whether the tuple set denotes the empty set.

val tuples : t -> Tuple.Set.t

Tuples in a tuple set.

val union : t -> t -> t

Computes the union of two tuple sets b1 and b2.

Requires: b1 and b2 have the same arity.

val inter : t -> t -> t

Computes the intersecion of two tuple sets b1 and b2.

val product : t -> t -> t

product b1 b2 computes the flat product of b1 and b2. Recall the product is empty if any of b1 or b2 is.

val subset : t -> t -> bool

subset b1 b2 returns true if b1 is included in b2.

val override : t -> t -> t

Computes the override b1 ++ b2 of two tuple sets b1 and b2.

val lproj : t -> t -> t

Computes the left projection s <: r of a set s and a relation r.

val rproj : t -> t -> t

Computes the right projection r :> s of a relation r and a set s.

val equal : t -> t -> bool

equal b1 b2 returns true if b1 is equal b2.

val compare : t -> t -> int

Compares tuple sets against the inclusion ordering

val mem : Tuple.t -> t -> bool

mem t ts tells whether t is in ts.

val size : t -> int

Cardinality of a tuple set

val diff : t -> t -> t

Set difference.

val transpose : t -> t


val diagonal : t -> t

Diagonal of a set.

val join : t -> t -> t

Join of two tuple sets.

val transitive_closure : t -> t


val transitive_closure_is : t -> t

Computes the transitive closure of a tuple set using iterative sqaures

val filter : (Tuple.t -> bool) -> t -> t

Filters tuples depending on a predicate.

val map : (Tuple.t -> Tuple.t) -> t -> t
val rename : (Atom.t, Atom.t) Containers.List.Assoc.t -> t -> t
val to_iter : t -> Tuple.t CCSet.iter
val to_list : t -> Tuple.t list
include Intf.Print.S with type t := t
val pp : t Fmtc.t
val to_string : t -> string