package dkml-dune-dsl-show

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Module type
Class type
type args = {
  1. entire_params_file : Mustache.Json.t;

    The entire parameters file as a single JSON object. At minimum the JSON object should contain the "param-sets" array with at least one (possibly empty) object:

      "param-sets": [{}]
  2. params : Mustache.Json.t;

    An array item in the "param-sets" array that is the source of values for a Mustache template. Each array item is a JSON object. In the canonical Mustache documentation the JSON object is called a "hash".

  3. params_idx : int;

    Zero-based index of params in the user-supplied "param-sets".

type out = Sexplib.Sexp.With_layout.t list
module I : DkmlDuneDsl.Dune.SYM with type 'a repr = args -> out

An interpreter of the Dune DSL whose interpreted result is a s-exp of a valid Dune file parameterizable by Mustache JSON parameters.

val plain_hum : (args -> out) list -> string

Show the DSL expression as a plain, human-readable, valid Dune file.

The command line arguments Sys.argv are parsed and the first argument, if any, is used as the JSON parameters file.

val pretty : (args -> out) list -> string

Show the DSL expression as a Dune file with colors if your terminal supports it; do not use for writing Dune files!

val no_parameters_json : Mustache.Json.t

The contents of a JSON parameters file that has no parameters.

Equivalent to a single-item array (1 item) of an empty object.

val plain_hum_with_params : Mustache.Json.t -> (args -> out) list -> string

plain_hum_with_params params res show the DSL expression res as a plain, human-readable, valid Dune file using the JSON parameters params.

params should have the same structure as a JSON parameters file.

No command line arguments Sys.argv are parsed.


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