package dkml-dune-dsl-show

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Library dkml-dune-dsl-show

The entry point of this library is the module: DkmlDuneDslShow.

You use this library by:

  1. applying the DkmlDuneDslShow.I interpreter module to your Dune DSL expression
  2. converting the last step into an executable
  3. run the executable, capturing its results into a "" include file
  4. running the "" as part of your Dune build

All of that is represented by the following Dune snippet:

    ; YOU: Change "My_dune" to the name of your Dune DSL expression module
    "module M = My_dune.Build (DkmlDuneDslShow.I)
     let () = print_string @@ DkmlDuneDslShow.plain_hum M.res"))))

 (name dune_inc)
 ; YOU: Change "my_dune" to the name of your Dune DSL file
 (modules dune_inc my_dune)
 (libraries dkml-dune-dsl-show))

 (alias gendune)
    (run ./dune_inc.exe %{dep:dune-parameters.json}))


You will need to change "my_dune" and the corresponding name of the module ("My_dune") in the above snippet.