package calendar

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Library for handling dates and times in your program


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Calendar is a library for handling dates and times in your program.


calendar date time datetime

Published: 12 Oct 2022



A calendar library for OCaml. API documentation

  1. Introduction

  2. Contents

  3. Copyright

  4. Installation

  5. How to use

  6. Documentation

  7. Makefile

  8. Contact the developers

1- Introduction

The Calendar library provides types and operations over dates and times. This library requires OCaml 4.03.0 or higher. Older OCaml versions are unsupported.

2- Contents

  • CHANGES Information about the last changes

  • COPYING Information about copyright

  • LGPL Information about LGPL

  • This file

  • calendar_faq.txt FAQ frow which some algorithms come

  • doc HTML documentation of the API

  • src Source files directory

  • _build/default/ Directory containing the built library

  • tests Test files directory

  • utils Some utilities

3- Copyright

This program is distributed under the GNU LGPL 2.1. See the enclosed file COPYING for more details.

4- Installation

Easiest way is opam install calendar.

To manually install the library, you first need to install dune and re. Then:

$ dune build @install
$ dune install

You can remove files installed with :

dune uninstall

5- How to use

Use the calendar library using ocamlfind. In dune, it means having an entry (libraries calendar).

6- Documentation

The doc directory contains an html documentation of the .mli files. This documentation is available online at

7- Makefile

A description of some Makefile entries follows :

  • make test will execute some tests. You'll need alcotest.

    To run only some tests: dune exec ./tests/test.exe test time (for example)

  • make doc to produce the documentation of the API. You need odoc

8- Contact the developers

You can report bugs at

Dependencies (3)

  1. dune >= "1.0"
  2. re >= "1.7.2"
  3. ocaml >= "4.03"

Dev Dependencies (2)

  1. alcotest with-test
  2. odoc with-doc




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