package awsm

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Uniform Cohttp interface. Cohttp's interface isn't entirely uniform, making it difficult to provide a single functorized implementation over Async and Lwt. We define a signature here that covers the features of Cohttp we need. Async and Lwt implementations matching this signature are provided.

module type S = sig ... end
module Meth : sig ... end
module Headers : sig ... end
module Monad : sig ... end

Monad type class. The technique used here relies on lightweight higher-kinded polymorphism as described by Yallop and White in FLOPS (2014). Familiarity with the concepts in that paper is a prerequisite to understanding this module. However, most users do not need to understand this module since common useful instances of the abstract types here are provided elsewhere.

module Range : sig ... end

High level representation of a http byte range specifications. For a full treatment, see

module Status : sig ... end
module Request : sig ... end
module Response : sig ... end
module Call : sig ... end
module Io : sig ... end

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