package awsm

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module Arn : sig ... end

Amazon Resource Names. See AWS's documentation Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) and AWS Service Namespaces for details, but roughly ARNs are strings of the form:

module Auth : sig ... end

Authentication using AWS's Signature Version 4 signing process.

module Botocore_endpoints : sig ... end
module Botodata : sig ... end
module Cfg : sig ... end

A configuration defines parameters needed for making calls to AWS. Some parameters, such as access keys and region, are needed by virtually all calls, while others apply only to specific services. We strive to match the specifications of the aws CLI. It defines multiple sources from which values of these parameters can be obtained---config and credentials files, environment variables, and command line flags---and selects values from these sources in a certain precedence order. The main make constructor considers all such sources and applies the same precedence rules. Submodules Config_file and Credentials_file provide parsers for the config and credentials files, respectively.

module Client : sig ... end
module Data : sig ... end
module Http : sig ... end

Uniform Cohttp interface. Cohttp's interface isn't entirely uniform, making it difficult to provide a single functorized implementation over Async and Lwt. We define a signature here that covers the features of Cohttp we need. Async and Lwt implementations matching this signature are provided.

module Import : sig ... end

Extension of Core library.

module Json : sig ... end
module Region : sig ... end

AWS regions.

module Service : sig ... end

AWS services, such as S3, EC2, IAM, etc.

module Xml : sig ... end

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