package mirage-crypto

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The poly1305 message authentication code

type mac = Cstruct.t
type 'a iter = ('a -> unit) -> unit
type t

Represents a running mac computation, suitable for appending inputs.

val mac_size : int

mac_size is the size of the output.

val empty : key:Cstruct.t -> t

empty is the empty context with the given key.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    if key is not 32 bytes.

val feed : t -> Cstruct.t -> t

feed t msg adds the information in msg to t.

val feedi : t -> Cstruct.t iter -> t

feedi t iter feeds iter into t.

val get : t -> mac

get t is the mac corresponding to t.

val mac : key:Cstruct.t -> Cstruct.t -> mac

mac ~key msg is the all-in-one mac computation: get (feed (empty ~key) msg).

val maci : key:Cstruct.t -> Cstruct.t iter -> mac

maci ~key iter is the all-in-one mac computation: get (feedi (empty ~key) iter).


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