package bin_prot

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val annotate : Uuid.t -> Exp.t -> Exp.t

Create.create defs exp constructs a canonical-shape. The defs give context for sub-expressions of the form: apply n exps; n being a reference to the n'th definition in defs.

Definition are required for records and variants, but may also occurs for any cyclic expression: in this case being constructed using define.

Within a definition body, var i refers to the i'th formal type-var, and corresponds to the i'the argument of an application args.

val basetype : Uuid.t -> Exp.t list -> Exp.t
val tuple : Exp.t list -> Exp.t
val poly_variant : Location.t -> (string * Exp.t option) list -> Exp.t
val var : int -> Exp.t
val apply : Def.t -> Exp.t list -> Exp.t
val recurse : int -> Exp.t list -> Exp.t
val define : Exp.t -> Def.t
val record : (string * Exp.t) list -> Exp.t
val variant : (string * Exp.t list) list -> Exp.t
val create : Exp.t -> t

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