package lwt

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Type of sources for bounded push-streams.

method size : int

Size of the stream.

method resize : int -> unit

Change the size of the stream queue. Note that the new size can smaller than the current stream queue size.

It raises Invalid_argument if size < 0.

method push : 'a -> unit Lwt.t

Pushes a new element to the stream. If the stream is full then it will block until one element is consumed. If another thread is already blocked on push, it raises Full.

method close : unit

Closes the stream. Any thread currently blocked on push fails with Closed.

method count : int

Number of elements in the stream queue.

method blocked : bool

Is a thread is blocked on push ?

method closed : bool

Is the stream closed ?

method set_reference : 'a. 'a -> unit

Set the reference to an external source.


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