A Unicode library
Module type
Class type
Library camomileLibrary
type t = string

Type of locales.

val read : string -> string -> ( in_channel -> 'a ) -> string -> 'a

read root suffix reader locale reads locale information using reader. Locale data is supposed to reside in root directory with the name locale.suffix. reader takes in_channel as an argument and read data from in_channel. If data is not found, then reader should raise Not_found. If the file is not found or reader raises Not_found, then more generic locales are tried. For example, if fr_CA.suffix is not found, then read tries fr.suffix. If fr.suffix is also not found, then the file root.suffix is tried. Still the data is not found, then Not_found is raised.

val contain : string -> string -> bool

contain loc1 loc2 : If loc1 is contained in loc2 then true otherwise false. For example, "fr" is contained in "fr_CA" while "en_CA" does not contain "fr"