package re

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  • deprecated Use Re.Glob
include module type of struct include Re.Glob end
exception Parse_error
val glob : ?anchored:bool -> ?pathname:bool -> ?match_backslashes:bool -> ?period:bool -> ?expand_braces:bool -> ?double_asterisk:bool -> string -> Re__.Core.t

Implements the semantics of shells patterns. The returned regular expression is unanchored by default.

Character '*' matches any sequence of characters and character '?' matches a single character. A sequence '...' matches any one of the enclosed characters. A sequence '^...' or '!...' matches any character *but* the enclosed characters. A backslash escapes the following character. The last character of the string cannot be a backslash.

anchored controls whether the regular expression will only match entire strings. Defaults to false.

pathname: If this flag is set, match a slash in string only with a slash in pattern and not by an asterisk ('*') or a question mark ('?') metacharacter, nor by a bracket expression ('') containing a slash. Defaults to true.

match_backslashes: If this flag is set, a forward slash will also match a backslash (useful when globbing Windows paths). Note that a backslash in the pattern will continue to escape the following character. Defaults to false.

period: If this flag is set, a leading period in string has to be matched exactly by a period in pattern. A period is considered to be leading if it is the first character in string, or if both pathname is set and the period immediately follows a slash. Defaults to true.

If expand_braces is true, braced sets will expand into multiple globs, e.g. a{x,y}b{1,2} matches axb1, axb2, ayb1, ayb2. As specified for bash, brace expansion is purely textual and can be nested. Defaults to false.

double_asterisk: If this flag is set, double asterisks ('**') will match slash characters, even if pathname is set. The period flag still applies. Default to true.

val glob' : ?anchored:bool -> bool -> string -> Re__.Core.t

Same, but allows to choose whether dots at the beginning of a file name need to be explicitly matched (true) or not (false)

  • deprecated

    Use glob ~period.

val globx : ?anchored:bool -> string -> Re__.Core.t

This version of glob also recognizes the pattern {..,..}

  • deprecated

    Prefer glob ~expand_braces:true.

val globx' : ?anchored:bool -> bool -> string -> Re__.Core.t

This version of glob' also recognizes the pattern {..,..}

  • deprecated

    Prefer glob ~expand_braces:true ~period.


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