package ppxlib

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This module allows to declare extensions that do not produce a value of the context type. This is typically useful for extensions point that depends on more things from the context than the path and location.

type ('context, 'payload) t

Type of declared expert extensions.

The 'context type parameter describes where the extension is expected and the 'payload one what its payload should contain.

val declare : Base.String.t -> 'context Context.t -> (Migrate_parsetree.Ast_405.Parsetree.payload, 'a, 'b) Ast_pattern.t -> 'a -> ('context, 'b) t
val declare_with_path_arg : Base.String.t -> 'context Context.t -> (Migrate_parsetree.Ast_405.Parsetree.payload, 'a, 'b) Ast_pattern.t -> (arg:Longident.t Loc.t Base.Option.t -> 'a) -> ('context, 'b) t

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