package zmq

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type t
type bigstring = (char, Stdlib.Bigarray.int8_unsigned_elt, Stdlib.Bigarray.c_layout) Stdlib.Bigarray.Array1.t
val init_data : ?offset:int -> ?length:int -> bigstring -> t

Initialize a new message with the given data. The data will be kept alive for the lifetime of the message.

  • parameter offset

    specifies an offset from the start of the given block to use. Defaults to 0.

  • parameter length

    specifies the number of bytes, starting from offset, to use. Defaults the length of data - offset.

val size : t -> int

Size of the message in bytes

val copy_data : t -> bigstring

Retrieve a copy of the data contained in the message.

val unsafe_data : t -> bigstring

Retrieve the data contained in the message.

This is considered unsafe because the underlying data may be freed when the message's lifetime expires.

val close : t -> unit

Free the message. This will be done automatically when the message is garbage collected.

val gets : t -> string -> string

Retrieve a property attached to a message. Property are simple strings. Example of properties include: "Socket-Type", "Identity", "Resource", but underlying transport and security mechanism may add more.


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