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ocaml-webmachine is a layer on top of cohttp that implements a state-machine-based HTTP request processor. It's particularly well-suited for writing RESTful APIs. As the name suggests, this is an OCaml port of the webmachine project.


Install the library and its depenencies via OPAM:

opam install webmachine

Getting Started

webmachine implements this decision diagram to determine how an HTTP request should be handled. This includes validation, authentication, content negotiation, and caching. A resource specifies the decision that should be made at each node in the diagram by defining the appropriate method in a resource subclass. The correspondence is suggested by the name of the method for now. This will be better-documented in the future.


To build the examples in the examples/ subdirectory, reconfigure the build process and recompile:

./configure --enable-examples
make clean && make


To install development dependencies, pin the package from the root of the repository:

opam pin add -n webmachine .
opam install --deps-only webmachine

After this, you may install a development version of the library using the install command as usual.

For building and running the tests during development, you will need to install the oUnit package and reconfigure the build process to enable tests:

opam install oUnit
jbuilder runtest


BSD3, see LICENSE file for its text.