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OCaml bindings for the virtual-dom library


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Release v0.16.0

The most significant change in this release is that most functions that create Vdom.Node.t have changed from taking a single attribute via a ?attr argument to now take a list of attributes via the ?attrs argument. This change was made to reduce the boilerplate at each callsite of invoking Vdom.Attr.many to add more than one attribute.

A straightforward way to upgrade code to the new interface, without changing behavior, is to rename ~attr to ~attrs and wrap the argument into a singlton list. Additionally, in the case where the argument was an immediate invocation of Vdom.Attr.many, you can just remove that call and pass the list directly.

We've applied this interface change to the main virtual_dom library, as well as vdom_layout. However, we took a different approach with vdom_input_widgets, since functions in that module already take a list of attributes, but they do not merge the attributes in those lists. We've added a ?merge_behavior argument to those functions. To completely preserve behavior, you should pass Legacy_dont_merge; otherwise, the default Merge behavior will attempt to concatenate any styles or lists of classes in the attributes.

More minor changes include:

  • css_gen changes:

    • Added text_align and content_alignment types.

    • Added line_height, row_gap, and column_gap functions.

    • flex_container now accepts `Default for the ?wrap and ?direction arguments. It also now accepts some new arguments: ?align_content, ?row_gap, and ?column_gap.

  • Added new html5_history library, which provides a layer on top of the browser's history API.

  • Added Vdom_keyboard.Keyboard_event_handler.get_action.

  • vdom_input_widgets changes:

    • The Dropdown module now accepts ?extra_option_attrs and ?placeholder arguments.

    • The on_toggle argument to Checkbox.simple is now a plain effect instead of a function, since the function was expected to be pure anyway.

    • Renamed Radio_buttons.Style module to Selectable_style.

    • The Checklist module now accepts an argument Selectable_style.t argument.

    • Added Entry.password.

  • virtual_dom changes:

    • Added more attributes creation functions to the Attr module.

    • Added more event listener functions to the Attr.Global_listeners module.

    • Added Node.Widget.to_vdom_for_testing.

    • Added Lazy constructor to Node.t.

    • Added more node-creation functions to the Node module.

    • Added Node.lazy_, a function that allows for writing code to compute virtual-dom nodes that only runs if necessary.

    • Node.input no longer accepts a list of child nodes. Users must either stop passing the list, or switch to using the behavior-preserving Node.input_deprecated function.

  • Added Virtual_dom_svg.Attr.stroke_dashoffset.


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