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Mapper of ISO-8859-* to Unicode


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A simple mapper between ISO-8859-* to Unicode. Useful for a translation between ISO-8859-* and Unicode

Published: 14 Mar 2020



Uhuhuhuhuhuh! uuuu (Universal Unifier to Unicode Un OCaml) is a little library to normalize an ISO-8859 input to Unicode code-point. This library uses tables provided by the Unicode Consortium:

Unicode table

This project takes tables and converts them to OCaml code. Then, it provides a non-blocking best-effort decoder to translate ISO-8859 codepoint to UTF-8 codepoint.

How to use it?

uuuu has an dbuenzli interface. So it should be easy to use it and trick on it. uuuu has a simple goal, offer a general way to decode an ISO-8859 input and normalize it to unicode codepoints. We need to be able to control memory-consumption and ensure to offer a non-blocking computation. Finally, an error should not stop the process of the decoding.

This is a little example with uutf to translate a latin1 to UTF-8:

let trans ic oc =
  let decoder = Uuuu.decoder (Uuuu.encoding_of_string "latin1") (`Channel ic) in
  let encoder = Uutf.encoder `UTF_8 (`Channel oc) in
  let rec go () = match Uuuu.decode decoder with
    | `Await -> assert false (* XXX(dinosaure): impossible when you use `String of `Channel as source. *)
    | `Uchar _ as uchar -> ignore @@ Uutf.encode encoder uchar ; go ()
    | `End -> ignore @@ Uutf.encoder `End
    | `Malformed err -> failwith err in
  go ()
let () = trans stdin stdout

About encoding_of_string

uuuu follows aliases availables into IANA character sets database:

Others aliases will raise an exception. This function is case-insensitive.

About translation tables

uuuu integrates translation tables provided by Unicode consortium. They should not be updated - so we statically save then into an int array.

About encoding

uuuu supports only decoding to Unicode code-point. A support of encoding is not on our plan where people should only use Unicode now.

A larger decoder

uuuu is a part of a biggest project rosetta which is a decoder for some others encodings. If you want to handle more encodings than ISO-8859, you should look into this higher library.


uuuu integrates a little binary to translate ISO-8859 flow to UTF-8: uuuu.to_utf8. It is provided as an example of how to use uuuu with uutf.

Dependencies (6)

  1. angstrom >= "0.11.0"
  2. menhir < "20211215"
  3. re >= "1.7.2"
  4. dune
  5. ocamlfind build
  6. ocaml >= "4.03.0"

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  1. rosetta




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