a library for PPX with types
Library typpx
Module Typpx . Forge . Exp

untyped is to embed an untyped AST in an typed AST. The embeded untyped AST will be kept as is when the typed one is untyped.

val let_ : ?recursive:bool -> Typedtree.value_binding list -> Typedtree.expression -> Typedtree.expression

ignore e creates Pervasives.ignore <e>. No check of Pervasives is the really OCaml stdlib's Pervasives.

Override expression's type environment field

Build None of the given content type. If ty is omitted the container type is Dummy.type_expr.

Raises Assert_failure when None is not accessible in the environment.

Build Some e of the given expression. Raises Assert_failure when Some is not accessible in the environment.

Build the list of given expressions. The container type is t list where t is the type of the first expression. If no type is given, Dummy.type_expr is used.

Raises Assert_failure when either (::) and [] is not accessible in the environment.

Add @<string> to the expression

val partition_marks : Typedtree.expression -> ( string -> bool ) -> string list * Typedtree.expression

Filter out matching @<string> attributes from the given expression.