package touist

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Parse a TouIST string into an Abstract Syntaxic Tree (AST).

After this step, the AST (its type is Types.Ast.t) can go through different functions:

Parsing TouIST

val parse_sat : ?debug_syntax:bool -> ?filename:string -> string -> Types.Ast.t

parse_sat text parses text and outputs the corresponding ast.

~debug:true enable the display of the automata state number on parser errors.

~filename:"foo.touist" enables the display of a file name in errors.

val parse_smt : ?debug_syntax:bool -> ?filename:string -> string -> Types.Ast.t
val parse_qbf : ?debug_syntax:bool -> ?filename:string -> string -> Types.Ast.t

Utility functions

val string_of_chan : in_channel -> string
val string_of_file : string -> string

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