package touist

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Evaluate an AST produced by Parse.parse_sat (or any other parse function) so it becomes a semantically correct formula.

eval is the main function.

val eval : ?smt:bool -> ?onlychecktypes:bool -> Types.Ast.t -> Types.Ast.t

eval checks the types, evaluates TouIST-specific constructs (variables, bigand, bigor, let...) and returns an evaluated formula.

ast is the AST given by Parse.parse_sat (or any other parsing function).

onlychecktypes will limit the evaluation to its minimum in order to get type errors as fast as possible.

smt enables the SMT mode. By default, the SAT/QBF mode is used.

  • raises Err.Fatal

    msg where Err.msg contains the error.

val ast_without_loc : Types.Ast.t -> Types.Ast.t
val has_top_or_bot : Types.Ast.t -> bool

has_top_or_bot ast checks if there is any Bot or Top in ast.


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