package tiny_httpd

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Minimal HTTP server using good old threads







  • breaking: set_top_handler takes a stream request, for more generality

  • Don't let client handling threads handle SIGINT/SIGHUP

  • improve termination behavior (wait for threads to terminate when shutting down server)

  • Preserve client address down to Request.t

  • add Tiny_httpd_io module, abstraction over IOs (output/input) as better IO channels than the stdlib's

  • add Tiny_httpd_html.to_writer

  • add IO.Writer.t, a push based stream.

  • add Server.run_exn

  • add Tiny_httpd_pool

  • server: add IO_BACKEND abstraction; implement a unix version of it

  • perf: use TCP_NODELAY for client sockets

  • perf: use a resource pool to recycle buffers, improves memory consumption and GC pressure


  • feat: takes ?after_init parameter

  • remove dep on ounit2 and qtest

  • expose Response.make_void

  • Add OPTIONS method

  • use ocamlformat on the code

  • fix: SSE requires no body

  • fix: get addr/port from the current socket

  • fix: missing closing crlf in chunked streams

  • fix: module Html was not exposed

  • fix: close stream after Response.output

  • fix(tiny-httpd-vfs-pack): allow redirections when fetching resources


  • add dep on seq

  • add a Html module with combinators to produce html

  • add Tiny_httpd_dir.VFS to emulate file systems

  • add a small program, tiny-httpd-vfs-pack, to pack directories and files (local or behind a URL) into a OCaml module using VFS

  • show small example of socket activation


  • breaking: remove deprecated path handlers based on scanf

  • breaking: more getter/setters for request/response, change signatures, make request/response private aliases

  • fix: release semaphore in case of exception in accept

  • feat: add a notion of Middleware

  • feat: add ?middlewares param to create

  • feat: add ?get_time_s param to create

  • feat: close connection if response's headers contains connection

  • feat: store start_time in request

  • feat: implement connection timeout using socket options Default is max_keep_alive = -1.0 which preserves the original behaviour.

  • feat: in server-sent-events, add a close() function

  • refactor(zip): compression is now a middleware

  • perf: pass buf_size in many places, set default buf_size to 16kb

  • example: update echo to provide a /stats/ endpoint using a middleware


  • feat: allow socket activation by passing a raw unix socket to create

  • fix: Unix.accept may raise an exception (typicall Unix.EINTR, even with sigpipe blocked ?), prevent the server from stopping


  • support handlers that stream server-sent events to client


  • bump to ocaml 4.04

  • Validate header key's character set (#15)

  • perf: simpler parsing of headers

  • fix: workaround for css/js in http_of_dir (#16)

  • fix(urlencode): encode non ascii chars


  • feat: add rest_of_path_urlencoded and rename rest to rest_of_path

  • feat: http_of_dir: redirect to index.html if present

  • fix: http_of_dir: do not url-encode '/' in paths

  • feat: add to match the rest of the path

  • feat: printing routes


  • feat: add Route.t construct, deprecate scanf, add more structured path

  • feat: use chunked encoding for large string responses, in addition to streams

  • refactor(echo): simplify code, use gzip aggressively

  • accept http1.0

  • fix: do not output a content-length for a chunked response

  • fix: set transfer-encoding header when returning a chunked stream

  • fix(zip): handle case where camlzip consumes 0 bytes

  • feat(zip): also compress string responses if they're big

  • add more debug msg


  • new tiny_httpd_camlzip library for handling deflate compression

  • feat: expose Headers.empty

  • fix: use the non-query path for routing

  • feat(util): add some query related utils


  • easy accessor to the query parameters in path

  • fix: header field names are case insensitive

  • doc: add note on jemalloc in the readme

  • log error when closing client socket


  • feat(http_of_dir): use file to guess mime type of file

  • feat: allow handlers to take streams

  • feat(bin): disable uploading by default

  • feat: add Tiny_httpd_util.parse_query for query decoding

  • feat(bin): set charset to utf8

  • feat: autodetect ipv6 address

  • feat: support ipv6 address

  • fix: missing crlf between chunks

  • fix: read_all must return rather than blocking when done

  • fix: proper amortized O(1) push in Buf.push

  • fix: %X for percent_encode; use percent_decode in parse_query


  • feat(bin): count number of hidden files

  • feat(bin): use details for hiding hidden files by default

  • fix: improved percent encoding of paths

  • feat: add percent encoding/decoding

  • feat(bin): better human-size display

  • feat: in http_of_dir, sort entries and display their size

  • fix(http_of_dir): handle bad symlinks

  • improve docs and opam, tidy up for 0.1