package tiny_httpd

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type t = (string * string) list

The header files of a request or response.

Neither the key nor the value can contain '\r' or '\n'. See

val empty : t

Empty list of headers

  • since 0.5
val get : ?f:(string -> string) -> string -> t -> string option

get k headers looks for the header field with key k.

  • parameter f

    if provided, will transform the value before it is returned.

val set : string -> string -> t -> t

set k v headers sets the key k to value v. It erases any previous entry for k

val remove : string -> t -> t

Remove the key from the headers, if present.

val contains : string -> t -> bool

Is there a header with the given key?

val pp : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> t -> unit

Pretty print the headers.


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